May 8th 2019: Varianz Obtains License for The Non-Psychoactive Cannabis Cultivation

About This Project

On May 8th2019 Varianz received the License for the Non-Psychoactive Cannabis Cultivation by The Ministry of Justice and Law. According to Colombian legislation, this license allows us to cultivate non-psychoactive cannabis plants for seed sowing production, crops and scientific purposes. We have the license to cultivate in our 20 hectares of fertile lands.

Justice and Law Minister: is the national executive ministry of the Government of Colombia responsible for the administration of law and justice. It is the national authority to give the license for the use of cannabis seeds, the license for the cultivation of psychoactive cannabis and the license for non-psychoactive cannabis cultivation.


Non-Psychoactive cannabis: the Colombian legislation consider less than 1% of THC as non-psychoactive cannabis.


License: is an authorization given by the control authorities through an administrative act to carry out the activities related to each process on the vertical industry of medicinal cannabis. In Colombia these processes are related to the management of seeds for planting, the cultivation of cannabis plants, and the transformation of cannabis for the medical production of psychoactive derivates and not psychoactive for medical and scientific purposes.