Varianz is a Colombian company founded in 2018 with operations in Colombia. We are a fully licensed company by the Colombian government for the cultivation, production, transformation of the cannabis flower, commercialization and export of products derived from cannabis. We have the privilege of being located in Colombia, a country with the lowest production cost in the industry worldwide. Varianz was founded with the vision of becoming the largest producer of low-cost, high-quality medical cannabis. The advantages in the quality of sunlight, the fertility of the soil and the diverse available water sources place us in a privileged position in the production of a plant material with high quality. Varianz has more than 10 different strains with diverse cannabinoids register at the Colombian government.






We are committed to working positively with our stakeholders to develop innovative services and solutions for the cannabis industry through product innovation and strategic collaboration with leading institutions and industry producers around the world





Motivated by our passion in the cannabis industry, our vision is to be world leaders in the supply of medicinal cannabis oil extracts. To achieve our vision we are committed to maintaining the best quality standards and delivering positive product experiences.