Happy 420!

Happy 420!

420 Cannabis Holiday is a celebration of cannabis culture taking place around the world. Vancouver, Denver, Seattle, San Francisco, London, Copenhagen are the top cities with the best celebrations. But, what is the story of this important date?



In 1971 in San Raphael, California the Waldos were a group of students who used to meet at 4:20 pm each day to smoke marijuana. Suddenly 420 turned into a secret code to refer to marijuana between students. The secret code became famous because Phil Lesh a member of Grateful Dead band, who was a friend of the Waldos, used to ask in public concerts: “What time is it?”  And people screamed loudly “420” and then they consumed marijuana cigarettes.

At the beginning of the 90´s, Steve Bloom, an editor of High Times, decided to promote the 420 code around the world using the internet domain name 420.com which became famous into the readers of the cannabis magazine. Steve buying this domain name was trying to promote the knowledge about cannabis. Because of the fame of this magazine, people believed that 420 was a police code refers to cannabis. This situation was clear once Bloom confirmed that the name 420 was Waldo´s authorship.

Moreover, in 1995 in Vancouver, Canada the Hemp BC store was the first company celebrating the cannabis Holiday at Victory Square park. This event reunited many people to listen music and smoke marijuana.

Today the 420 Cannabis Holiday is an international event which represents the cannabis culture at every aspect. The spread of legalization movement has brought cannabis much more into the open than it once was.  For the second time so far this year, in United States, marijuana legislation in Congress has been officially designated with the bill number 420 (Forbes, 2019).  The senator Ron Wyden proposed to establish a federal excise tax on legal sales and create a system of permits for business to engage in cannabis commerce.

The last month, bills to legalize and regulate marijuana for adults have advanced through key committees in at least four states. But also, the House Financial Services held a hearing to allow banking services to cannabis providers forcing them to operate on a cash only basis poses risks to public safety (Forbes 2019).  It will be providing policymakers more comfortable to cannabis industry.

Furthermore, the 420 Holiday is a special day to remember big international victories of cannabis such as: the World Health Organization ´s new cannabis rescheduling recommendations under international treaties in January 24th, the approval of  Epidiolex by FDA as the first cannabis derived medicine (MarijuanaBreak, 2018) and the research and development of many new products based on cannabis.


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