What are Cannabinoids?


What are Cannabinoids?

What are Cannabinoids?

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Cannabinoids are chemical substances that joins the cannabinoid system in plants (which receive the name of phytocannabinoids) and animals (endocannabinoids). But also exists synthetic cannabinoids which are created in the laboratory. The Cannabis plant contains more than a hundred of phytocannabinoids with weak or null psychoactivity (Canna Foundation, 2018) including:



Each one of this phytocannabinoids joins the endocannabinoid system controls and regulated different functions of the body. Activation of cannabinoid receptor (CB1 for nervous system and CB2 for immunologic system) on synaptic terminals results in regulation of ion channels, neurotransmitter release and synaptic plasticity (NCB, 2018).  This activation is proving to have a wide range of functional effects, making them potential targets as medical preparation in a variety of illnesses (NCB, 2018). Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the two most important cannabinoid components in the cannabis plant (Canna Foundation, 2018). This cannabinoid acts on the central nervous system and does not have psychoactive effects.

The CBD has most beneficial effects for the treatment of various symptoms and diseases including epilepsy, neurodegenerative diseases, anxiety, autistic disorder, accompaniment to chemotherapy and also anti-tumor treatment.  Now the study of structure activity relationship of molecules which influences the cannabinoid system in the brain and body is crucial in search of medicines with the therapeutic effects of phytocannabinoids (NCB, 2018). The Cannabidiol (CBD) has been proving to have therapeutic properties, for example, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antioxidant, anxiolytic and immuno-modulator (Canna foundation 2018).

Researching is now the key to promote initiatives and clinical studies in order to push forward the knowledge about cannabinoids as a medicine. Canna Foundation, The International Association for Cannabinoid Medicines, The International Center For Ethnobotanical Education Research & Service are some examples of associations which are promoting this activities.



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